Click ‘N’ Colour for iPad

 Click ‘N’ Colour for iPad

by Creative Intersection Pty Ltd

If there was one thing that my son could ask me to do with him that I wouldn’t think twice about, it would have to be coloring.  Coloring can mean so many things to individuals of all ages.  For many it is very calming and therapeutic. Whether you are 2 to 93, coloring is plain old good fun which allows ones artistic side to come out. Coloring provides opportunities to visualize patterns and to develop ones fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.  Knowing the power that coloring has for Applicable2U, we knew that Click ‘N’ Colour for your iPad device was an artistic app that we needed to explore and review for our readers.  Currently, it is only available on the iPad device running iOS 4.2 or later.  Click ‘N’ Colour is a free download and comes pre-installed with seven pieces of work created by Australian artist, Debbie Neale.  As you get your finger tip “virtually wet” from the color palette, her drawings will take you back in time, with a very hippie, retro feel.  Additional pieces of work, Hippie Alphabet and a premium upgrade version, can be downloaded to your device as an in-app purchase of $2.99 for each.

Click ‘N’ Colour has a very easy to navigate menu which allows you to flip through your “coloring book”.  As you would push down on the crease of a real coloring book to get yourself ready, tap the coloring page on your mobile device screen that you desire.  Once on that page, artists will have a number of usable features at their finger tips.  At the top of your coloring page, users will see a drop down arrow.  In this menu, images can be saved, emailed, and shared via two social networks: Twitter and Facebook.  At the bottom right hand corner is the painters palette with colors ranging from primary, secondary, warm and cool colors.  When reviewing Debbie Neale’s work, you will notice that she incorporates a great deal of detail, both small and large.  To ensure that colors are placed in the desired location, another very useful feature is the ability to incorporate the pinch and zoom gesturing that the iPad has to offer.  This magnifying feature will come in handy as artists are filling in the tiniest of places, what we call the “nooks and crannies” of the page.

The works of art that you will create while using Click ‘N’ Colour could take several hours or even days to complete.  Knowing the amount of time that you will put in to finishing, there is no need to panic if work isn’t finished in one sitting, your master piece is saved locally to your device.  While working or as you return to work, if you find a mistake, simply tap the correct color in your palette and replace the incorrect color, developers have chosen this method over an undo button or the option of wiping out the entire page.  A thumbs up in our book!  For those readers that decide to download Click ‘N’ Colour, it is important to note that developers, Creative Intersection, have noticed some issues with those running iOS 5.0 where a section of the picture can go blank when filling it in.  We did experience this issue, however, through our persistence and a little zooming in, the filling feature did in fact work.  Developers are aware of the problem and are working on fixing it soon.

As Applicable2U had their therapeutic time today with Click ‘N’ Colour, we were reminded of our own childhood drawing.  As a child, I would take a blank piece of paper, place my pencil somewhere on the page and just begin swirling the pencil tip in every direction, crossing over lines and making a variety of shapes in the process.  Once I was happy with my design, I would then begin using various coloring tools: markers, crayons, or colored pencils to bring my piece of art to life.  We were amazed to see this same idea in Debbie Neale’s work via the mobile device.  All good things make their way back, but now it is happening through the help of technology, not fashion.

Click ‘N’ Colour definitely gets the Applicable2U approval!!  As stated in their iTunes description, additional designs will be added soon, so stay tuned for future updates.  If you would like to learn more about Debbie Neale and her work, please visit her website here.  To get your artistic groove on today for free, then click here to access Click ‘N’ Colour from your iTunes library.

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