Find Them All: Looking for Animals

Find Them All: Looking for Animals

by Knbmedia

When you travel locally or globally, an item that is commonly seen on shelves are various types of  snow globes.  Spin it up and down, left or right and see a famous tourist attraction in a whole new way.  With your mobile device or imaginary snow globe, come visit animals from all over the world.  From developers, Knbmedia, Find Them All: Looking for Animals will guide children ages 2-8 as they  journey through four natural habitats: a farm, Africa, Oceania, and Asia. This animal fact finding app is accessible on all Apple devices running iOS 3.0 or later.  When downloading Find Them All: Looking for Animals, the initial cost is free and provides you access to one habitat, the farm.  Additional habitats can be explored with an in-app purchase offering three additional locations for $1.99 each. Whether it’s day or night, use you keen senses of sight and sound to find as many animals as you possible can.

Through the use of sounds, pictures and the incorporation of an “I Spy” game like feel, animal enthusiasts will enjoy the mobile and hands on experience that Find Them All: Looking for Animals will provide them.  It’s early in the morning on the farm and the sun is out, ready to set  your child or student on an investigation.  What animal will the sun be thinking about?  In a ‘thinking’ cloud, users will be given three pieces of information about the animal: a picture, name and sound.  Using your finger tip, scroll from left to right in order to find the hidden animal(s).  Applicable2U was pleased to see how developers included accommodations for all searching styles.  For example, farms can be both big and small, initially as you explore, users will only have access to a small amount of acreage.  As more animals are located, additional areas of the farm will be rewarded.  As we explored, we also noticed that when hearing a clue the sound that the animal makes is rather faint.  As we walked from left to right, if we happen to choose the right direction, the animal sound would get louder.  Who knew that an educational app could tell if a player was getting closer or not, it was as if we were playing another familiar childhood clue game, “hot and cold”.

Once animals are spotted in their environment, tap on them, a life like bobble head trading card will appear.  Animal trading cards can be shared in French, English, Spanish and German.  As users learn about animals and their habitat that live on a farm, in Africa, Oceania or Asia, they are also given an opportunity to say that animal’s name in other languages.  Collect as many animals as you possibly can before nightfall and you might be rewarded with a digital camera.  With this reward, zoom in and out on some or all of the animals you have been introduced to.  Animal explorers will be amazed at what fun things can be done with their pictures even after the pictures are taken.  Applicable2u will share only a few hints: personal animal album, interaction big and small while sharing tidbits of fun facts.  The best part, it’s learning on the go with your device and a little printed out surprise which can be shared.

As you navigate around the farm and night time approaches, there is no need to leave. The friendly sun is still visible, but her ‘thinking cloud’ is masked due to the darkness.  Darkness can be a challenge no matter where you are.  The visual supports once provided during the day are now gone.  The only support available is that of the animal sound(s).  Keep in mind the things that were heard and seen during the day.  Luckily, app developers have included a night support feature, a night light.  As humans our eyes enlarge and adjust to light, well so do our friends on the farm.  As your child or student moves from one location to another, look out for the big eyed animals of the farm.  Be sure to listen very carefully and tap the night light if you think you are nearing your target.

Overall, Applicable2U was really impressed with the features and content that was included in Find Them All: Looking for Animals. This is an educational app that shares information, builds vocabulary, incorporates interactive games, and is user friendly as it encompasses  several learning modalities.   Once you are on the farm, you will want to further extend your visit into Africa, Oceania and Asia.  To learn more about the developers of Knbmedia, please visit their website here.  To start exploring your snow globe, then download Find Them All: Looking for Animals for free today from your iTunes library here.

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