Go Go Xylo

Go Go Xylo

by Barrett Productions, LLC

There is one thing that I am not and that is musically inclined. However, today I wish that I was. Our next review is not based on reading a book, coloring, matching or the improvement of one’s mathematical skills, but rather the sounds that you can make with your mobile device. A short time ago we were introduced to Barrett Productions, a development group that has been producing mobile apps along with many other products since 2007. Recently updated in the App Store is their latest musical creation, Go Go Xylo which is compatible with various Apple devices but does require iOS 5.0 or later. Come play with this virtual xylophone, along with many other instruments in a variety of ways. With every tap of your finger, a well tuned instrument will sing. What’s the point of buying a real xylophone when you can get an amazing one for your Apple device for FREE. Just be sure to download it soon as this price is a limited time offer.

Upon entering Go Go Xylo users will immediately notice the brilliant colors and 3D animation that is incorporated. As the conductor of your band, your main screen is equipped with a harp, bells, drums, saxophone, trumpet and of course a xylophone. Let the jam session begin by simply tapping or dragging your fingers across the screen. Yes, I said fingers!! You can play multiple instruments at one time. As the user, if you have a musical ear then you will want to explore the red clef button just under the saxophone. Here users will be able to change the key that instruments will play in (C, D, E, F and so forth) as well as the essential musical relationship between major and minor scales. If confused on how to explore or where to begin, simply click the question mark button as pop up directions will appear. It also includes a brief instructional YouTube video which will require internet access in order to view. If your band of instruments are getting out of hand or too loud, simply click the horns in the upper right hand corner. It is here that users can alter the volume to both the xylophone and the accompaniment.

When downloading Go Go Xylo it comes pre-installed with three songs: Baa, Baa, Black Sheep, Blue Danube Waltz, and Old MacDonald. Additional songs can be loaded to your devices library as in-app purchases. Currently the downloadable library consists of Children and Classical songs. Purchases can be made individually or as a group, ranging from .99¢ to $2.99. After choosing a song, as the conductor your view changes from seeing the entire band to just the sheet music of that song. As the tone deaf reviewer, I was slightly overwhelmed with all the buttons at the top: Mode (easy/hard), Tempo (normal/slow), xylo (on/off), vocals (on/off), and accompaniment (on/off). I was unsure as to what they all did, however, like the free play mode, the question mark just under the sheet music provided a brief tutorial. Once we set our mode to easy and our tempo to slow, it was like playing musical Simon Says. To begin, simply click the play button and notes on the sheet music and the keys on the xylophone will begin to highlight. Listen to the song the whole way through or start and stop it at any time. See what happens if you try playing the song from memory without any support. A note to the developers – although the xylophone does have the lettered notes on each key, might it be possible to include its coordinating musical note as well on the xylophone. This additional notes support could be an available option which is turned on/off based on the users need.

Go Go Xylo is a wonderful download for any home or school device. In looking at our district benchmarks, third graders study physical science which relates to sound. The integration of Go Go Xylo could really enhance a variety of classroom environments. Our review is based on exploration with an iPad and by having the large screen and the feeling like you are making music in your lap was incredible. Integrated arts is an essential component to a child’s education. Children shine in many ways and the arts is one of them. Barrett Productions is supporting this cause interactively via your mobile device.

If you would like to learn more about Barrett Productions, please visit their website here. Whether you are a musician or not, it’s time to Go Go Xylo and have a little fun. Step outside the box and see how your mobile device can meet the musical side of yourself, child or students. Take advantage of this wonderful FREE offer that Barrett Productions is providing today, simply click here to begin downloading Go Go Xylo.

This review is also featured on the Fun Educational Apps site along with many other educational apps.

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