Marble Math and Marble Math Jr.


  Marble Math and Marble Math Jr.

by Artgigs

On a daily basis I am amazed at how many things from my childhood are coming back into style. From the clothing and hair styles that my students wear to the games that they are playing with. Games come in all formats and the most popular are those found on your mobile device. If you are familiar with Applicable2U, then you know my students and child game for a reason. Educational apps need to meet curriculum needs as it applies to those grade level standards and of course their exposure needs to also keep my audience engaged while having fun! Today’s review brings back marbles, mazes which move, a hint of pinball and math all in one. Artgig Apps are no stranger to the app world with such app titles as Being Benny, Shake A Phrase, Alien Buddies and now two math applications, Marble Math and Marble Math Jr. Each with a similar design but targets two age level populations. Marble Math focuses on core math concepts for those ages 9-12. While Marble Math Jr. focuses on those core math skills for ages 5-8. Both are designed for your iPad and iPhone device running iOS 4.0 or later. Navigate yourself through leveled mazes as you collect mathematical answers and hidden treasures but be sure to stay away from a few unwanted hiccups.

Both versions of Marble Math are equipped with a clean, easy to navigate design. Very quickly you can individualize your child’s experience from the main menu by selecting the cogwheel and wrench icons. Developers have included two ways to “play”. Depending on your child’s learning needs, they can roll a colorful marble with the touch of their finger or the motion of their iPad. Turn stumbling blocks like a boxing glove, banana peel or blob of goo on or off. Each application is pre-installed with a large collection of marbles, however, only one is unlocked. Unlock additional marbles by simply collecting correct answers and finding the end to each maze board. Experience math in a playful way over the course of three levels; easy, medium or hard. Not sure which level your child or student may fall into? Not to worry! Get an educational map of concepts by clicking on the wrench icon from the main menu. Customize your child’s learning experience by selecting those areas in need of reinforcement or mastery. Each educational app is equipped with academically appropriate skills.

Marble Math Jr.













Marble Math

At the completion of games, your child’s scores are recorded for each level in a table format. As levels or skills are repeated, see how your child’s score increases over time. A note to the developers – in a future update, might it be possible to provide parents and/or educators a more detailed report. This would inform future instruction and reinforcement. In addition, have you thought to provide multiple user accounts for those homes which have only one device but multiple children or schools with a limited number of devices in a classroom environment. Regardless of which version of Marble Math you download, marble manipulation and screen view is similar. At the top of the screen users will find the question. Most of the screen is devoted to the maze. As answers are collected, they will be dropped to the blank strip at the bottom, acting like a “show work” area. In addition, users will be able to keep an eye on the number of lives they have left, 3 is the norm, but additional lives can be collected. A note to the developers – when exploring in Marble Math Jr. might it be possible to include a question reading option if working independently and reading has not been mastered. Whether you use your finger tip to roll your marble around the maze or the motion of your iPad, if an incorrect answer is selected a pop up window will appear. Here users will be able to “try again, show me, or move onto the next question.” It appears that your collected score will not be effected when incorrect answers are chosen. If a user chooses to try again, they will be given another chance at the same question which caused them problems. Repetition of skills is the key to ones success! To support all learning styles, developers have chosen not to include a timing feature. While playing online or mobile device games, some students find a countdown clock frustrating and distracting. However, in order to challenge some students, those “high flyers”, a timing option might be just what they are looking for in the later elementary years.

Overall, Applicable2U would give Marble Math and Marble Math Jr. two thumbs up! Although we have provided some suggestions, it is still very engaging, interactive and academically appropriate for your child ages 5-12. How many free rides, crowns, or magic wands will your son or daughter collect while recognizing numbers, exploring operations, and building their awareness of time, fractions and money? If you would like to learn more about Artgig Apps, please visit their website here. To begin building your academic marble collection, download Marble Math TODAY for only $1.99 by simply clicking here.   Marble Math Jr. can be downloaded by clicking here.

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