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An elementary and middle school teacher for many years, Andrea Gardner is a certified Smartboard trainer, a certified field trainer and collaborator on the development of Verizon Thinkfinity online courseware, a trainer for the Massachusetts Elementary School Principal’s Association and a regular presenter in professional development programs for school educators. Recently she has teamed up with Glogster EDU to be an independent contractor to help present and sell their unique education solutions to teachers, schools, and districts across the country.  She has served as a math teacher, a K-5 technology classroom teacher and as a technology coach for administrators and teachers on the implementation of a school level data management system to support summative and formative assessments in the Boston Public Schools. For the past 5 years she has served as an instructional technology teacher in the Westford Public School in Central Massachusetts.  In this position Andrea works with classroom teachers to integrate technology in their pedagogical practice and their implementation of the regular curriculum. Her  professional interests include the integration and appropriate use of information and communications technology (ICT) tools in classroom instruction and the use of ICTs in formative evaluations. Andrea graduated from West Chester University with a degree in education and holds a masters degree in Instructional Technology from Lesley University.

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  1. Andrea Gardner is an amazing resource for me as a classroom teacher. She always is one step ahead of us. She anticipates what classroom teachers will need and is a constant source of new links, new tools, and new technology.

    Cara Parker
    Grade 4 Teacher
    Westford, MA

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