My Underwear

My Underwear
by Thumb Arcade

When I asked my son if he wanted to play a new game on my iTouch he immediately began jumping up and down for joy! When I told him that he would get to play with underwear, his first reaction was one of embarrassment and saying things like  “Mommy don’t say that word!!”  I just had to laugh.  Together we were intrigued to see the possibilities that an application named My Underwear would have to offer my son, my colleagues, and parents that I come in contact with.

With the artistic designs of Todd Parr, My Underwear meets the needs of various learning styles.  At this point you might be thinking, “Really, underwear?  How can this be educational?”  Oddly enough the word that my son didn’t want me to say in front of him actually encourages: hand-eye coordination, memory, motor skills and pattern recognition.  Upon entering you might find it symbolic that the four educational games are hanging from a clothing line.

Finger painting offers the user 10 possible underwear designs.  With such tools as a paint brush, pencil, paint can, color palette and stamps your little one will be able to design their own underwear.  Each art tool provides a different coloring experience for the user.  The paint brush offers a wider brush stroke.  Whereas the pencil is a fine point writing utensil and the paint can offers full coverage.  Through practice and repetition of each tool, your child will begin to control their fine motor skills.  To truly make it your own, add an unlimited number of clipart by simply selecting from such things as flowers, sports, animals, nature, food, and transportation.   Once complete, users have the option to save their creation(s) to your photo gallery on your Apple device which you can then share via email.

Match the Underwear has the user matching underwear to Todd’s lovable creatures based on shapes and colors.  This was my son’s favorite. He immediately knew what to do upon entering. The sounds of laughter was just priceless.  As I observed him exploring, I noticed that he was shaking the iTouch.  “Why was he doing that?” I thought. He very quickly realized that by shaking the device that it would change the types of animals and underwear designs.  Points are determined if you match the underwear to the animal correctly.  Want to be a little silly?  It’s okay, you will still get points even if you don’t drag it to the correct place.  How many underwear can you match in 60 seconds?

Feed the Monster’s objective is to feed the ravenous monster, flying UNDERWEAR from the sky!!  Sounds silly, but in fact it is working on your child’s hand-eye coordination.  It can be played in two ways.  For the first time user, they may choose to manipulate the monster with their finger tip so as to have more control.  For the child needing more of a challenge, they can move the monster by tilting the Apple device from side to side. Once control of the monster is gained, a user will notice in the upper left hand corner a monster meter.  The meter will begin filling up as the monster collects and eats underwear.  As the user progresses, scenes will change along with the monster friend and a surprise will appear when his belly is full!

Concentration is a familiar childhood game that works on a users memory.  Unlike the board game, this version is timed.  Cards are decorated with adorable objects and characters.  The more successful one is, the number of necessary matches will increase.

Initially My Underwear appears to just be a funny app.  But through exploration, it provides your little one a number of necessary developmental skills.  Applicable2U thinks it’s an “arcade” thumbs up!  If you would like to learn more about Thumb Arcade, be sure to visit their website.  What will your little ones reaction be when they hear you talking about My Underwear?  Begin downloading now from your  iTunes library here to see.