Click ‘N’ Colour for iPad

 Click ‘N’ Colour for iPad

by Creative Intersection Pty Ltd

If there was one thing that my son could ask me to do with him that I wouldn’t think twice about, it would have to be coloring.  Coloring can mean so many things to individuals of all ages.  For many it is very calming and therapeutic. Whether you are 2 to 93, coloring is plain old good fun which allows ones artistic side to come out. Coloring provides opportunities to visualize patterns and to develop ones fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.  Knowing the power that coloring has for Applicable2U, we knew that Click ‘N’ Colour for your iPad device was an artistic app that we needed to explore and review for our readers.  Currently, it is only available on the iPad device running iOS 4.2 or later.  Click ‘N’ Colour is a free download and comes pre-installed with seven pieces of work created by Australian artist, Debbie Neale.  As you get your finger tip “virtually wet” from the color palette, her drawings will take you back in time, with a very hippie, retro feel.  Additional pieces of work, Hippie Alphabet and a premium upgrade version, can be downloaded to your device as an in-app purchase of $2.99 for each.

Click ‘N’ Colour has a very easy to navigate menu which allows you to flip through your “coloring book”.  As you would push down on the crease of a real coloring book to get yourself ready, tap the coloring page on your mobile device screen that you desire.  Once on that page, artists will have a number of usable features at their finger tips.  At the top of your coloring page, users will see a drop down arrow.  In this menu, images can be saved, emailed, and shared via two social networks: Twitter and Facebook.  At the bottom right hand corner is the painters palette with colors ranging from primary, secondary, warm and cool colors.  When reviewing Debbie Neale’s work, you will notice that she incorporates a great deal of detail, both small and large.  To ensure that colors are placed in the desired location, another very useful feature is the ability to incorporate the pinch and zoom gesturing that the iPad has to offer.  This magnifying feature will come in handy as artists are filling in the tiniest of places, what we call the “nooks and crannies” of the page.

The works of art that you will create while using Click ‘N’ Colour could take several hours or even days to complete.  Knowing the amount of time that you will put in to finishing, there is no need to panic if work isn’t finished in one sitting, your master piece is saved locally to your device.  While working or as you return to work, if you find a mistake, simply tap the correct color in your palette and replace the incorrect color, developers have chosen this method over an undo button or the option of wiping out the entire page.  A thumbs up in our book!  For those readers that decide to download Click ‘N’ Colour, it is important to note that developers, Creative Intersection, have noticed some issues with those running iOS 5.0 where a section of the picture can go blank when filling it in.  We did experience this issue, however, through our persistence and a little zooming in, the filling feature did in fact work.  Developers are aware of the problem and are working on fixing it soon.

As Applicable2U had their therapeutic time today with Click ‘N’ Colour, we were reminded of our own childhood drawing.  As a child, I would take a blank piece of paper, place my pencil somewhere on the page and just begin swirling the pencil tip in every direction, crossing over lines and making a variety of shapes in the process.  Once I was happy with my design, I would then begin using various coloring tools: markers, crayons, or colored pencils to bring my piece of art to life.  We were amazed to see this same idea in Debbie Neale’s work via the mobile device.  All good things make their way back, but now it is happening through the help of technology, not fashion.

Click ‘N’ Colour definitely gets the Applicable2U approval!!  As stated in their iTunes description, additional designs will be added soon, so stay tuned for future updates.  If you would like to learn more about Debbie Neale and her work, please visit her website here.  To get your artistic groove on today for free, then click here to access Click ‘N’ Colour from your iTunes library.

Signing Numbers and Colors with ASL videos

Signing Numbers and Colors with ASL Videos

by Interactive Touch, Inc.

In any home or school, reading individually or as a group is apart of ones daily routine.  No matter how this time is spent whether it be with little books, big books or educational videos, a number of key academic concepts are reinforced.   Come build your virtual bookshelf by downloading a free app called Interactive Touch Books – For Kids.  Designed by developers, Interactive Touch, Inc., their library of big and little books and interactive videos are for children as young as 18 months and as old as 10 years of age.  Reading and viewing can take place on your iPhone or iPad device running iOS 4.0 or later.   An app that promotes reading through wonderful animation and a great deal of interaction.  Young and old readers will be very content.  With your free download of Interactive Touch Books – For Kids, readers will be provided with a few free books and videos.  With a simple stop at the in-app store or online bookstore, parents can enlarge their child’s bookshelf with just a few clicks.  Children’s minds are like sponges, they want to learn as much as they possibly can, well why not add learning American Sign Language to their list.

Today and tomorrow (2/17 and 2/18), developers from Interactive Touch, Inc. and Spirit-led Designs are sharing a very special offer that you won’t want to miss out on.  Once your device is equipped with the Interactive Touch Books – For Kids app, search the store for Signing Numbers and Colors with ASL videos.  During this promotional two day event, this interactive book will only cost you .99¢.  With very few interactive children’s book applications currently in the App Store that apply to understanding or learning about ASL (American Sign Language), this is a great introductory book that could spark conversations and appreciation of differences as a variety of reading and mathematical skills are being reinforced.  Each page has its own story to tell as your son or daughter interacts with each as if it were an educational workbook. As your child or student experiences Signing Numbers and Colors with ASL Videos, parents and educators will be pleased to see that a “Read to Me” and a “My Narration” option have been included. This is a book that will intrigue and motivate young and old readers through multiple visits to their virtual bookshelf.  With the first few exposures, have the narrator tell this number and color story as your child interacts with a few simple drags, drops and taps of objects. As children become more familiar with words, have them choose to read the book on their own as their device records their words.  This recording feature will allow users to listen back to their audio, thus building and improving upon a child’s fluency skills.  While learning numbers 1-20 and brightening their colored rainbow, children will also be provided very short video clips.  These video clips will teach your child how to say these same numbers and colors without any words, but rather through the power of their hands.

Signing Numbers and Colors with ASL Videos is very simply, a book with lots of surprises.  Users will learn numbers and colors through words and pictures as it is taught in two languages: English and ASL.  Amazingly, while at the same time it will also provide game breaks with coloring pages and matching games.  The only note to the developers that Applicable2U has for a future update, would be to make the last few pages, numbers 13 – 19, less crowded and overstimulating.  By using the space differently or possibly just shrinking the graphics, users will not feel overwhelmed.  No matter what your child’s learning style or academic goals are, this interactive educational book is applicable to many.  Applicable2U was not sure what we were going to get when downloading Signing Numbers and Colors with ASL Videos, but we were pleasantly surprised with the outcome.

If you would like to learn more about Spirit-led Designs and the other educational books they currently have on the market, please visit their website here. To investigate more about the free library app, Interactive Touch Books – For Kids, please visit the Interactive Touch, Inc. website here.  Remember this great .99¢ offer only lasts till 2/18, so why not begin the process immediately.

Faces iMake – Right Brain Creativity

Faces iMake – Right Brain Creativity

By iMagine machine LLC

As a learner what strategies work best for you? Are you left or right brained?  At this point are you wondering what that means?  If you are left brained then you like talking and writing, you are a planned and structured person and tend to control your feelings.  If however you are a right brain individual then you are spontaneous, prefer drawing and manipulating and respond well to demonstrated instructions.  iMagine Machine creator of Faces iMake have your hemispheric dominance, right or left brained, literally in the palm of your hands as you explore your creativity via your iPad device running iOS4.2 or later.  The creative juices of this application was developed alongside renowned artist, educator and author, Hanoch Piven. Faces iMake integrates a creative style of art as it entangles various benchmark assessments necessary for elementary students.  It explores various elements and principals of design: color, line, shape and space.

As we explored this multi-purpose application, we were intrigued to see in their About, a word cloud, Wordle describing what Faces iMake is capable of doing for your child(ren) or students.  iMagine machine describes this application as mind opening, original, social and provides the user an opportunity to try things.  It is an application that meets a child’s multiple intelligences.  To get started, users might find it helpful to explore the five pre-installed lessons.  Begin to develop your 21st century skills as you think outside the box.  Amazingly, Faces iMake has no right or wrong answers, it’s all about expanding your imagination.  Immediately, users will notice the various toolbars that can appear and disappear as needed.  Whether you are right or left brained, users may need some inspiration.  Click the “gallery” button and a sampling of twelve pieces of art are there to spark whichever side of your brain.  As you create, “bebop”  to the default application sounds or link to your own music.  Simply click the “plus” sign and your library of music will appear.  It is preloaded with a large library of clipart in such categories as: candy, toys, food and base templates.   In addition, users can incorporate their own objects by using the device’s camera.  Use those images already in your iPhoto library or shoot now.  The opportunities are endless.

No matter where you piece of art comes from, it can be manipulated in a variety of ways. As art is dropped onto the green canvas, users will immediately notice a dotted circle and a new toolbar.  Images can be cloned, locked in place, reversed, stacked, deleted and rotated.  Users will be manipulating and developing their fine motor skills as they make tapping movements like pinching, expanding and dragging.  As you imagine, build, giggle and smile, your artist does not have to be finished just yet.  Creations can be saved and shared to your iPad, emailed or posted to a Facebook account.  If however you want to take it one step further, share it via Tap2print.  Tap2print will turn your creation into a puzzle that can be purchased.  The artist inside you can now be manipulated in a whole new way.  An artist does not have to have a paint brush in their hand.  Art is taught in a variety of ways and Faces iMake is making that possible.  As a parent and educator, Applicable2U is impressed with the educational possibilities that this application has to offer.  Whatever  your child or student “imakes” it can then be integrated with a creative writing piece, thus stimulating those left brained students.

As we tried new things with this application, Applicable2U would definitely give it two thumbs up!  This is an application that does not focus on a particular age group, it’s for all to enjoy and learn from.  If you would like to learn more about iMagine machine, please visit their website here.  What faces do you make?  Put them to art today by downloading Faces iMake HD to your iTunes library today.

Spot the Dot

   Spot the Dot
        By Ruckus Media Group

Whether books are hard covered or interactive through the use of technology, their importance to such audience members as toddlers and preschoolers can take on many roles. For example, they can build a child’s love to read, to develop ones “filing” system as they are learning new vocabulary or sight words, letter and sound recognition, and to encourage conversation. Renown pop-up book author and illustrator, David A. Carter has lent his talents to those that have fallen in love with hands on learning via the iPad in an educational app called Spot the Dot. So what is your favorite color and how can this help my student(s) or child(ren)?

As I entered this educational app, I knew right away that it was applicable2 many as it integrates various forms of learning and engagement with each new experience. With a 2-dimensional format, users will simply spot the colored dot as they navigate through ten activity pages. Each page is like a piece of art that comes to life with a single touch of ones finger. Initially, like any interactive book, learning/reading occurs from left to right. However, once all colors have been collected, follow up experiences are in control of the user rather than the narrator. Besides being an application that builds upon color and shape recognition, it is also designed to meet a wide range of learning styles from regular to special education. Interactively, the learner will be tapping, sliding, and matching as they develop their hand eye coordination, fine motor and listening skills. Through both verbal and nonverbal cues, users will be proactively reinforced. In our exploration, I was immediately taken by the vibrant colors on each page.

As colors are collected, activities become more challenging. We were very impressed to see as users moved from one activity to another, how the author and developers had incorporated this idea of “effective color contrast.” What does that mean? Simply put, this educational app is cognizant of those with partial sight and color deficiencies upon entering each artistic challenge. They were mindful of hues, lightness and saturation. All types of users need to be taken into consideration when building or reading a webpage. With the movement of technology as it is integrated into the classroom, educational apps need to keep these same building concepts in mind as well.

Overall, Applicable2U definitely gives this interactive, academically appropriate application a thumbs up!! Without giving too much away, your little one will go on an “I Spy” mission with the feel of Where’s Waldo or the infamous dot. To learn more about Ruckus Media Group and what they have to offer you, please visit their website here. If you would like to begin to “Spot the Dot”, then visit your iTunes library by clicking here.

Play with the Phone

Play with the Phone
by TUKU Logics

Applicable2U would like to introduce TUKU Logics to the educational app world.  Recently they developed and launched to iTunes an educational and fun app designed for children ages 2-4.  Like most children of this age, they enjoy playing with not a “pretend or play” phone but rather mom and dad’s real phone.  So it seems fitting that TUKU Logics chose their first apps name to be Play with the Phone.  We have explored this applications capabilities and how it can apply to you.  Like most educational apps designed for this age level, the skills reinforced are typically the same.  It is all in how the developer decides to present this information.

Play with the Phone is divided into five educational fun activities for your little one. Each activity is like a small game board that repeats as you progress.  With verbal reinforce and very simple, yet appealing graphics, your child will begin developing academic skills very early on.  To navigate from activity to activity, a user can either swipe the iTouch/iPhone devices screen or they can use the arrows in the upper right hand corner.  For this age group, I would suggest that they use the swiping option since their fine motor skills are still developing.  As children’s interest levels change, it is important to note, that activities can be played in any order.

The first activity that the user will experience is Find the Color. Oddly enough, as I look at this game, I immediately think of the balloon carnival game where you have to through darts at a particular color. The objective of this activity is to pop the colored balloon that the voice is calling out.   If correct, she will verbally reinforce the user.  However, if they have chosen the wrong balloon, nothing will happen, thus allowing them to try again. Unless another activity is chose, Find the Color will repeat and the balloons will be rearranged for continued reinforcement of colors.  If numbers are your children’s thing, then they will want to play with Find the Number game.  With the appearance of a telephone like screen, children will be reinforcing numbers 0-9. Initially a child could be learning and reinforcing their numbers, but as they progress, they could also be developing another skill.  With the support of a parent, a child could be learning their phone number in case of emergency.  It might be important to also introduce,  the asterisk and number sign symbols for visual recall and word recognition.

If your little ones loves anything on the go, then Find the Vehicle will be their new game of choice. With six different vehicles from a car, ambulance or fire truck, your little “go getter” will be in their glory.  A user will hear the word, select the vehicle, be reinforced if correct and then hear the sound that the automobile makes. The sounds that the automobiles makes  will truly make your child smile.  Again, this activity will repeat with different board options to continue to transportation fun.  Applicable2u hopes to see additional forms of transportation in future updates.  The next activity of choice is the Find the Letters activity.  Here the user will be learning and reinforcing capital letters from A-Z.  A letter will be announced and the user is expected to locate and tap it, if correct, it will verbally reinforce your child.  If they happen to be incorrect in this activity, users will hear a buzzing sound indicating a wrong answer.  This is a good introduction to letters of the alphabet.

The last activity is a totally different game that Applicable2u thinks will set TUKU Logics apart from all other educational games for children ages 2-4.  Their last and final activity is one that is called, Find Someone.  Applicable2u thinks it is similar to those baby photo album books that allow you to insert an picture and share with your child those that love them.  Before playing this activity, a parent needs to customize the preferences so that the activity will work.  Upon entering the application, a parent will see two orange buttons, customize and start.  By clicking customize, you will be able to upload 9 images from either your photo gallery or if your Apple device has a camera, an on the spot picture.  In addition, you or the family member can record a voice which is then associated with that picture.  Once these preferences have been set, your child can know play, Find Someone.  By implementing the combination of both audio and visual representations, your little one will truly be surprised.  Images and voice recordings can be set back to default to share other loved ones.

Play with the Phone offers a number of pre-academic skills that are necessary for our young population.  In addition, it provides tons of smiles through repetition, reinforcements and familiarity of those that love them.  If you would like to learn more about TUKU Logics, be sure to visit their website by clicking here.  Or you can begin downloading this kid friendly app by visiting your iTunes library here.