by Adam Bellow

Are you a Web 2.0 guru or want to be?  Where do you fall on the technology spectrum?  Do you consider yourself a beginner that integrates using word processing?  Or are you on the other end, the one that is using such web tools as: blogging, wikis, Glogster, Twitter, Symbaloo and podcasting? Regardless of where you happen to fall on the technology spectrum, technology is not going away.  There are so many things out there already and it just keeps getting better.  With the help of Adam Bellow and his eduTeacher app you too can stay up to date with all that technology has to offer you and your students.

Being the instructional technology specialist and the professional development go to person in my building, this application certainly comes in handy.  It’s like my way of getting professional development at the tip my fingers.  If you have ever spoken to a technology teacher, they will tell you that they are never professionally developed, that they are the ones developing others.  Now I can be professionally developed on a daily basis with the use of either an iTouch or iPad and internet connection.

The application is designed in a very organized manner.  At the bottom you can review the latest links, eduTeacher TV (YouTube videos) which shares a particular web 2.0 tool, what people are saying on Twitter, and it even breaks it down according to such categories as: Language, Math Links, Science Links, Integrated Arts, and so much more.  It provides you with reviews of the web tool and the ability to email it to colleagues, post it to Twitter to share with your Professional Learning Network and to go directly to their website to learn more.  You could spend hours on this application.

Do you want to integrate technology but don’t always know where to look first?  Then download eduTeacher today, it’s free and you can start on the road to the other end of the technology spectrum today!  Be sure to visit Adam Bellow’s website or you can see what others have to say about this Web 2.0 database in the iTunes library.

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