I Learn with Poko: Seasons and Weather HD

I Learn with Poko: Seasons and Weather HD
 by Tribal Nova

Are you familiar with the latest trend in professional development, the Responsive Classroom?   A responsive classroom is a well known phrase in my school.  Currently our district is training a large group of teachers in this research based method which will “increase academic achievement, decrease problem behaviors, improve social skills, and lead to more high-quality instruction.”  Part of a responsive classroom is to start each day with what is called a morning meeting.  Some might also call it circle time.  Morning meetings constitute a greeting from the classroom teacher with an educational twist on large chart paper.  As I think of what a technology morning meeting might look like, I instantly think, “There is an app for that!”  

From the creators of  the award winning PBS Kids Play and CBS Wonderworld online learning game, Tribal Nova has designed a cross curricular app for children ages 3-7. Available now in your iTunes library called I Learn with Poko: Seasons and Weather HD.  With the integration of National Standards, preschoolers and kindergarteners will meet the necessary benchmarks of: observe and graph daily weather, while also observing the cyclical pattern of the seasons.  As your child navigates through three levels of learning, they will be investigating critical science skills while having fun with three friends: Poko, Bibi and Mr. Murphy.  As your child(ren) or student(s) learn science, they will also be developing their observation, language, literacy, and matching skills. With very clear directions both verbally and pictorially, continued reinforcement and eye catching graphics, your little ones will not even realize they are meeting necessary learning standards.  All they will know is that they are having fun during circle or meeting time.   It is important to note that I Learn with Poko: Science and Weather HD meets the needs of each individual child or student. Progression from one level to the next is based on their individual success rate.  

What Does It Look Like:

Level 1 – Weather Conditions:  Here users are to help Bibi fill her photo album with memories of her and her friends in various seasons.  You are given four pictures, however, Bibi can’t put all of them in her album.  Through such skills as listening, observing and comparing, you will learn to distinguish between seasons and weather conditions.   Level 2 – What to Wear:  If you are familiar with the activity of “What’s Wrong With This Picture“, then your little scientist will have no problems. Simply listen to the verbal clues the announcer provides and determine what is wrong with the picture.  Before you begin tapping the screen, check out the camera at the bottom and see how many buttons are yellow.  This will indicate how many errors there are with the picture.  As you locate the mistakes, those buttons will be filled in orange.  Level 3 – Days and Activities:  Help Poko fill in his calendar.  Here, users will become familiar with the names of the months, days of the week and coordinating activities that Poko may have done based on the weather conditions of each empty day.

How To Integrate Into A Responsive Classroom:

Upon entering a preschool or kindergarten classroom, children will notice a brief note from their teacher at the front of the room.  This note will contain a greeting, today’s date, the weather and maybe a survey question.  As a group, students will read the note and be given opportunities to discuss what is on the note and to then share.  As weather and seasons are introduced and reinforced during this time, why not incorporate a morning meeting through the use of an educational app and an iPad.  With the recent launch of the iPad2, simply connect your device to a large screen and let, I Learn With Poko: Science and Weather HD, come to life for a whole class experience.  If your classroom is only equipped with one iPad, then use this morning meeting time as a way to model the application, extend conversations, and to provide opportunities to problem solve.  A note to the developers – would it be possible to create multiple accounts within the application.  If devices are being shared, and progress is individually based, this might flow better in a classroom or even a small center time activity.

Overall, Applicable2U gives this science application a definite thumbs up!  If you have a preschooler or kindergartener, then this application applies to you.   If you would like learn more about Tribal Nova and what they have currently developed, then be sure to visit their website here. If you are in need of science and weather resources for your preschool or kindergarten classroom, then consider downloading I Learn WithPoko: Science and Weather HD from your iTunes library here.

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