Spot the Dot

   Spot the Dot
        By Ruckus Media Group

Whether books are hard covered or interactive through the use of technology, their importance to such audience members as toddlers and preschoolers can take on many roles. For example, they can build a child’s love to read, to develop ones “filing” system as they are learning new vocabulary or sight words, letter and sound recognition, and to encourage conversation. Renown pop-up book author and illustrator, David A. Carter has lent his talents to those that have fallen in love with hands on learning via the iPad in an educational app called Spot the Dot. So what is your favorite color and how can this help my student(s) or child(ren)?

As I entered this educational app, I knew right away that it was applicable2 many as it integrates various forms of learning and engagement with each new experience. With a 2-dimensional format, users will simply spot the colored dot as they navigate through ten activity pages. Each page is like a piece of art that comes to life with a single touch of ones finger. Initially, like any interactive book, learning/reading occurs from left to right. However, once all colors have been collected, follow up experiences are in control of the user rather than the narrator. Besides being an application that builds upon color and shape recognition, it is also designed to meet a wide range of learning styles from regular to special education. Interactively, the learner will be tapping, sliding, and matching as they develop their hand eye coordination, fine motor and listening skills. Through both verbal and nonverbal cues, users will be proactively reinforced. In our exploration, I was immediately taken by the vibrant colors on each page.

As colors are collected, activities become more challenging. We were very impressed to see as users moved from one activity to another, how the author and developers had incorporated this idea of “effective color contrast.” What does that mean? Simply put, this educational app is cognizant of those with partial sight and color deficiencies upon entering each artistic challenge. They were mindful of hues, lightness and saturation. All types of users need to be taken into consideration when building or reading a webpage. With the movement of technology as it is integrated into the classroom, educational apps need to keep these same building concepts in mind as well.

Overall, Applicable2U definitely gives this interactive, academically appropriate application a thumbs up!! Without giving too much away, your little one will go on an “I Spy” mission with the feel of Where’s Waldo or the infamous dot. To learn more about Ruckus Media Group and what they have to offer you, please visit their website here. If you would like to begin to “Spot the Dot”, then visit your iTunes library by clicking here.

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