iLearn With Poko: Addition

   iLearn With Poko: Addition
           by Tribal Nova 

      It’s time to go on a mathematical journey with Poko and his two adorable friends, Bibi and Minus.  Poko is no stranger to the Apple Store.  You may be familiar with the iLearnWith series Seasons and Animals, however today’s recent cross curricular application launch directly pertains to math.  As an educator and parent, Poko and the gang are always welcome back to our house for a mobile learning play date.  Tribal Nova’s development of apps are directly correlated to the National Standards and spread across a wide array of developmental necessities like language development, creativity and reinforcement of various academic areas.  iLearn With Poko: Addition is appropriately designed for children ages 3-7 as it builds upon the concept of addition with three interactive and playful activities.

This series of applications was designed to encourage all types of learning styles.  With clear and concise directions, progress trackers, repetition and verbal and visual reinforcements, users can work at their own pace as they learn and have fun.  As you watch your child play, you will notice the outstanding graphics and animation that have been included.  Within this educational app, users will be able to make personal connections with the activities that Poko wants to play through such things as: bowling, building with blocks and a toy chest.  Each game or level, builds upon each other as they learn to add up to 6, 10, and 15.  It is important to note that within each game, levels of difficulty will be adapted based on your child’s progress.

Level 1 – Add up to 6 is the introductory piece of the application as it encourages children to count and recognize numbers.  Poko and Minus will throw their bowling ball down the lane. It is your goal to tap/count each pin that was knocked over and to match its corresponding number at the bottom.  While learning to recognize numbers and count, users will also be reinforcing the concept of one to one correspondence which will be further developed in level 2.  Once a player succeeds in level 1, their treasure chest will be filled with Poko’s bowling shoes.

Level 2 – Add up to 10 is an extension to level 1.  Here the players need to build and combine blocks.  To challenge those in level 2, blocks are not moveable like the bowling pins, instead users will see numbers as a group.  Simply tap on the two piles, sometimes more, add them together and match its number at the bottom.  When that number is selected, the two or more piles will organize in a neat arrangement or mathematical array. With a players success, users will add to their treasure chest by collecting the horse and knight.

Level 3 – Add up to 15 introduces the user to a variety of mathematical vocabulary (language development) and symbols as it is used in a number sentence.  Poko needs to find Minus’ ball under the rug.  To do that, players need to move the toys that Poko is thinking about.  As those toys are tapped, numbers will appear on either side of the plus symbol and it your goal to find the sum. Mathematical reinforcement does not stop there, as an added bonus, the developers visually and orally explain each part of the number sentence through flash animation. Again, with success comes another object to add to your treasure chest.  

Even as the treasure chest is filled with the bowling shoes, horse and knight and the beach ball, learning can continue. Randomly, numbers are selected or mathematical sentences are built which can change, reinforce and extend the learning and yes even more fun for your little to have.  If you have preschool or kindergarten aged children or students, then iLearn With Poko: Addition is applicable to you!  For children just learning to add, iLearn With Poko: Addition will take them through all the mathematical phases of this concept. This educational app not only “covers” those necessary standards but it is then truly comprehended.  If you would like to learn more about Tribal Nova, please visit their website here.  If Poko is just what you need for your home or school setting, then begin downloading iLearn With Poko: Addition from your iTunes library here

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