A Little Book About Feelings

  A Little Book About Feelings

by PicPocket Books

As we near one of the most romantic days of the year, Valentine’s Day, children might be observing how stores, their homes and yes, even some schools are getting ready to shout out – I love or care about you in some way! Is Valentine’s Day the only day that our feelings should be shouted out above the roof top?  Absolutely not!  Feelings should be shared each and everyday.  Whether you are feeling frustrated, moody, happy or sad, everyone in the world has some kind of feelings and they don’t have to be the same every minute or everyday.  Our own feelings and especially our children’s feelings need to be validated and accepted.

How are you feeling today? Are you a parent or educator of young children, then you will want to learn more about Ruby, from the award-winning “Ruby’s Studio: The Feelings Show”, as she will guide you along an amazing story about feelings.  Recently launched in the Apple Store by familiar book app developers, PicPocket Books and author, The Mother Company, your child(ren) ages 0-6  will fall in love with A Little Book About Feelings. Designed for all Apple devices running iOS 4.3 or later, listeners will be amazed by the life like graphics as the felt material that makes up each character pops off the screen.  As parents, there are a number of lessons that we are to model and teach our children, yes academic concepts are critical, but just as important is the development of their self-worth and the ability to problem solve.  Children are born with certain instincts, but how to solve social and emotional skills needs to be discussed and validated in a variety of ways.

Applicable2U would describe interactive book app,  A Little Book About Feelings as creative, user friendly and precious.  Listeners and readers are immediately greeted with a smile.  As Applicable2U was exploring and reviewing this application, my 5 year old son stopped everything that he was doing when he heard the pleasant music and introduction from host, Ruby. It was as if his eyes lit up when Ruby began asking him questions.  Although it was a one way conversation, he was still telling her how he was doing today.  This is an interactive book that guides children on their journey to reading, but it also supports them to become genuinely good people.   As they follow along with adorable “felt like” friends, children will begin to develop their feelings vocabulary.  In addition, they will learn how they can be a good friend or sibling, to share, and to express their feelings appropriately.  Throughout this powerful story, users will be supported with audio play and highlighted words.  If your child(ren) are older, these two features can be set to off.  Pages can be easily swiped from left to right by those listening or reading and can provide opportunities to stop and discuss.  To further reinforce content, there are magical hot spots on each page that both verbalize and visualize concepts being taught.

Although we are aware that this interactive book comes under the Books category in your iTunes Library, we do have to say that it even had a movie like feel to it. Everything about this book application was so real and connects to children of all ages.  Feelings can come across in ones faces or bodies and in the words that we use.  When we share our feelings, others will feel so good because they are understood and heard by the ones they care or love.  Be sure to share your feelings, good or bad, each and everyday with those around you.  As the story began with interaction from Ruby, it also ended in that same format.  Step by step your little one will learn to wave good bye in a new way.  If I could have been pre-warned of this ending, Applicable2U would have videotaped and shared with those reading, my sons most heart-warming smile and movements at the end.

A Little Book About Feelings is applicable to any parent or educator and would be an excellent addition to any mobile device.  To celebrate Valentine’s Day on Tuesday, The Mother Company will be hosting a celebration on their Facebook page.  Be sure to visit their page here to enter for a chance to win a printed copy of this amazing book or to even get your hands on some iTune gift cards to download it for free.  If you would like to learn more about this or any of the other book applications that PicPocket Books has to offer, please visit their website here.  If you can’t wait for Valentine’s Day to arrive, begin downloading A Little Book About Feelings for .99¢ to your iTunes library today!

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