Bo’s Bedtime Story

Bo’s Bedtime Story

by Heppi

Dinner is over, play time has come to an end and now it’s bed time. Is going about your night time routine easy or a challenge? If you answered, a challenge….Why is it such a challenge? Early on in your child’s life, did you establish routines for daily tasks that you and your child(ren) would participate in? Why is this so important? Routines provide children sameness and repetition which they so thrive on. When children know what is expected of them, they become more confident. Routines begin from the first days of life. Whether you are a new or veteran parent, support is now available in the palm of your hands via your mobile device. Now your child’s bedtime routine can be seen as fun while viewing Bo’s Bedtime Story via your Apple device. This interactive activity book was designed for those Apple devices running iOS 4.0 or later. Go on a “home” journey with an adorable giraffe named Bo and play 10 age appropriate activities for children ages 1-7.

Find your favorite “lovey” or stuffed animal and snuggle up with your parent, device and Bo. With a clear set of directions, colorful graphics, pleasurable music and a great deal of interaction, Bo’s Bedtime Story has the potential to make your night time routine a happier experience. Not only do children benefit from routines, but they also like being given choices. Upon entering this interactive activity book, users will notice that Bo’s antennae’s are touchable. Which do you think your child will choose? By touching his left antennae you will be activating the “play” mode as your child engages in a number of activities to develop good bedtime habits in a fun and interactive way. Whereas if your child decides to touch Bo’s smaller antennae, design your own “build a doll”, as Bo likes to call them, Lulu and Tommy. With a variety of articles of clothing: shirts, shoes, shorts, and hats, dress Lulu and Tommy the way you want. Once complete, take a picture of your new friend and find it in your devices photo gallery. Are you wondering what’s the point of this activity? A possible added bonus would be to print your child’s creation as they share their paper doll with you and use their imagination.

Without any words within each scene or page, your goal is to listen and help main character Bo as he gets ready for bed. Use your fine motor skills as you listen, drag, drop, slide, tap and swipe in order to get Bo to bed on time without any detours. In this ten scene interactive activity book, children will learn to sort and organize, follow directions, match items as they develop such skills like their coordination, color recognition, and counting. In order to make your child’s return visit different, tap the refresh button in the lower left hand corner of each scene.  Applicable2U was glad to see that developers included this feature. Repetition is key for this young population. After reading Bo’s story, apply it to your own life and see how your night time routine changes.

By implementing an organized and predictable home environment you are helping your children to feel safe and secure. Routines that are built around fun or spending time together can only strengthen relationships between parents and children. Help yourself and your child while reading Bo’s Bedtime Story today! To learn more about Heppi Apps, please visit their website here. Are you struggling to reinforce the importance of routines, then begin downloading Bo’s Bedtime Story from your iTunes library here.

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