by Shreta Dupree

Hello creativity!!!   As soon I entered into the application it brought me back to my childhood when I would select multiple colors and swirl them around.  Even my 4 1/2 year old says, “Look Momma, I am coloring like you did as a little girl.”  Coloring has always been a calming activity to me and this could accomplish those same feelings even today as an adult.

iCrayonMaker allows a user to be creative without being judged that a certain object needs to a specific color.  If the user is a young individual, it was great to see that the developer put no limit to the number of “new” crayons that could be created.  To then see the color in action in a drawing will most certainly light up a little one’s face.  My son comes home with TONS of free drawings and he of course wants to keep them ALL.  The linking options of sending to a camera roll, to Facebook and/or email avoids the pile up of stuff.  You can now have an online portfolio of his/her work(s) of art.

Here are some thoughts to think about for future updates made to iCrayonMaker:

• Would it be possible to be able to select multiple colors and then swirl them in the color creator space?
• Have you thought about adding a drop down menu of shapes that students could build and color in?
• Not sure if it is the iTouch resolution or not, but the Glitter crayon didn’t stand out like I expected it too.
• Ever think to add the option of a colored pencil as well in the Drawing/Change option?

I am really excited with this application and look forward to more apps developed by Shreta Dupree.  If you are interested in this application, be sure to check out her website at http://www.freemyappsnow.com/iCrayonMaker.html

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