iSource Math

iSource Math
by Hongwen Yang

With a little magic, your kindergartener can further develop a variety of mathematical skills.  iSource Math has designed 5 activities that reinforce one to one correspondence, addition and subtraction manipulation, and matching number sentences and time.  Through interactivity and sound effects your soon to be school aged child will be on their way to learning math.  As you enter this educational app you are prompted to choose an activity.  Depending on your child’s level of mathematical knowledge will determine where they should begin.

123 Fish Go – this activity works on number recognition through visual representation by encouraging a student or child to begin understanding the concept of one to one correspondence.  A user is expected to drag and drop the number of fish shown in the speech bubble.  As they begin to drop fish into the pond, a number box will appear showing how many are in the pond.  This activity is truly important as one to one correspondence is understood, children can then count with understanding.  The only suggestion that we might have for this activity is to allow those users still learning to read, the option to have speech bubbles read to them.   As they become more proficient this would not be necessary.

Happy Birds – this activity specifically builds upon one to one correspondence as it connects to addition.  A student or child will see a group of birds and a number sentence.  A user is expected to click one of three choices at the bottom which would indicate the correct sum.  If correct, a magic wand appears and that number will move into place within the number sentence.  However, if incorrect, a horn will sound indicating that they should try again.  For a student or child just learning to add, this activity is critical as it supports the visual with the number sentence.  If working alongside your student or child, this would be an excellent time to reinforce mathematical vocabulary such as total, sum, how many all together.  For future updates, we might suggest that the birds are lines up directly above each number and not overlapping.  Even better would be to allow the user the option to move birds as necessary based on learning needs.

Apple Tree – this activity continues to build upon one to one correspondence as it connects to subtraction.  Here a user will see an apple tree start off with a certain amount (first number of the number sentence) which will then gradually loose apples (second number of the sentence).  Those apples left in the tree will indicate which choice to choose from at the bottom.  Again, if correct a magic want will appear and that number will move into place.  As a teacher or parent, this is another opportunity to reinforce the math terms such as total, how many are left, and to take away.  For future updates, we might suggest slowing down the time that the apples begin to move.  Once the “menu” button is selected, the movement appears to happen rather quickly.

Ask Me, Draw A Line – this activity is for the more advanced student or child that has mastered addition and subtraction.  Here users will see on one side buildings that state the number sentences.  While on the other side are animals with the answers to either the addition or subtraction problem.  Simply select a building or animal and drag it to its match.  If correct, a green line will appear and a piano sound will indicate if they are correct.

What Time Is It? – this activity is another option for those students or children that are familiar with telling time.  If the user understands the significance of each hand on a clock, then this activity is a good reinforcement.  Similar to Ask Me, Draw A Line, students are to match the digital time with the analog flower clock.

Overall, Applicable2U finds a number of valuable educational pieces with iSource Math.  Although we have made suggestions to improve upon this application, we still feel that it is applicable to you as a parent or teacher.  We do hope that iSource development will take our suggestions into consideration.  If you would like to learn more about iSource Math, then you can visit there website here.  If these are mathematical skills that your student or child needs guidance with, then begin downloading iSource Math from your iTunes library here.

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