Bob Books Reading Magic Set 2

Bob Books Reading Magic Set 2
 by Learning Touch

 Learning Touch development group has added once again to their collection of reading applications set 2 of the infamous Bob Books. If you are familiar with the hardcover version of this series, then you know that enjoyment and learning will be extended for your little one(s) anytime or anywhere you may be. But now, in the format of an app on your Apple device.  The Bob Books collection was designed to guide children through the early stages of reading.  When reading your little one(s) will be provided a great deal of  repetition and consistency as they read short stories and learn new letter sounds.   Amazingly, Bob Books Series 2 has twelve new scenes for those advancing beginner readers looking to build their confidence and to become independent readers. It is an educational and interactive book that will appeal to all through the use of adorable graphics, sounds and animations. With four levels of play, users will not want to put down their device of choice as they will be entertained while learning to read!

Upon entering Bob Books Set 2, it is evident that viewer feedback was taken into consideration as the format organization has slightly changed from the first app collection of Bob Books.  Similar to the previous series, depending on the academic reading level or age of the user, parents and/or teachers can change various options within the book.  For example, spelling can be set as phonics based or by letter name.  This is a very useful option as it guides children to make connections between the letter and its sound.  In addition, music and sound effects can be set to: never, sometimes or always. Again another useful option as this age group tends to have a short attention span and can be easily distracted by outside things.  One of the newest additions to this application series is the “Where would you like to start” page.  It is here that each level is explained.  Level 1 – has users dragging and dropping letters into place as it is matched.  Level 2 –  builds upon level 1, however, letters now need to be placed in the correct order from left to right.  Level 3 – it is here that the user will no longer be provided any visual hints.  Level 4 – has users spelling those words seen in levels 1-3.  To extend the challenge further within this level, users will be provided extra letters as a possible distractor.    

Initially pages start out as black and white with a short sentence at the bottom.  To begin the “magic,” readers will see several objects on each page shaking and rattling.  This motion indicates which words need to be spelled.  Once spelled, objects will magically be filled with color and that word within the sentence will appear in bold.  It is important to note that each part of the sentence is not spelled out, such words as “and” or “the” for example are not a part of the repetition.  Such sight words and many others can be reinforced with support from a parent and/or teacher in another format. A nice added feature that this series of apps has is that the user is in control of movement from one page to the next. This allows those just learning to read the ability to show off their reading skills to others near by.   A note to the developers – for a future update, might it be possible to highlight in a different color, say bright yellow, each part of the sentence as the narrator is reading it in full.  By adding this feature it would provide the reader one more visual representation or form of repetition of each word.

Overall, Applicable2u loves what Learning Touch has done with this series of books.  Do you have young ones just learning to read in your classroom or at home?  Then we feel that it is a MUST have within your iTunes account.  If you would like to learn more about Learning Touch, please visit their website here.  Interested in the first series of the Bob Books app, then please click here to add to your library of applications.   If you are already a fan and want to add Series 2, then please click here.

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