Favorite Recipes

Favorite Recipes
        by Culinart Media, Inc.

Applicable2U is stepping out of my normal educational app reviews with a parent specific app called Favorite Recipes by Culinart Media.  With all the rage of weight loss these days, Applicable2U felt that it was appropriate to add to our blog. Following recipes was never one of my favorite things to do.  However, since May, I have become more conscious of the things I put into my mouth, incorporated exercise into my daily life and have been very successful.  I tended to stick with the basics for each meal, but very quickly my family and I got bored.  In speaking with others, I was amazed at the number of people who ate out for some or all of their meals.  Recently added to the App Store, Favorite Recipes adds a little flair from a variety of cultures to your kitchen table.  An app that has a very simple design and is very user friendly, Chef Michael will provide users with 70 exceptional recipes from Caribbean to Mediterranean and Spanish cuisine to name a few.

With portable access on my iPad, having the ability to build my weekly shopping list and/or meals makes my life so much easier while also saving us a great deal of money in the long run.  As you enter the app, Favorite Recipes has been divided into sections or tabs at the bottom: Recipes, Shopping List, Menu, and Videos.  Recipes are broken into several categories: soups, salads, seafood, chicken, beef/pork/lamb, pasta, vegetarian, side dishes and desserts.  As you scan each recipe, users can see a snapshot, the ingredients, directions and its serving size.  While reviewing the ingredients, shopping lists are very easy to create, simply tap the orange circle and a list will begin to generate.  The painful task of grocery shopping will slowly disappear as you travel the grocery aisle with your Apple device.  In reading a recipe are you at times confused?  Favorite Recipes will guide you.  With a quick turn of your device directions become both verbal and visual.  Not only do they support their users with video and images, each step goes into detail with what to do but also the appropriate ingredients written below.  There is no longer a need to bounce from one tab to the next, much like a typical hardcover recipe book.

Overall, Applicable2U was impressed with the capabilities that Favorite Recipes had to offer.  A personal application that allows users to share recipes with friends via email and also Facebook.  Although in its description it states that recipes can be altered for the number of servings, this is not a feature that we were able to replicate.  This is something that Applicable2U would like to investigate further.  In a future update, we would love to see  additional recipes added to the database.  In addition, it would be great if nutritional values were also shared.  With the increase of diabetes, allergies, obesity or those just looking to stay on top of their healthy eating habits, such information would be very useful.  If you would like to learn more about Culinart Media, Inc. please visit their website here.  The next time you use your Apple device, think how a simple .99¢ app called Favorite Recipes can support your daily life.

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