by Fotonauts, Inc

Are you a teacher that is required to teach about National Parks of the United States?  Or are you just a travel buff that loves to see the magnificent places that the United States has to offer.  If you answered yes to either of these two questions, then you too will want to download Fotopedia National Parks for your iPhone or iPad today.  It’s currently FREE for a short period of time, as it is normally $4.99.

Lets begin our exploration of 58 National Parks of the United States from Acadia to Zion National Park. As an educator that interacts with students that are required to observe and describe national historic sites and parks this application will certainly fit in nicely during that unit of study.  I would equate this application as a travel brochure of stunning pictures and an encyclopedia on the go.  While in the classroom that has WiFi connection, I envision a teacher using Fotopedia throughout the social studies unit.  Whether your classroom has iPads or iTouches, this can be both a teacher and student used application.  To start off your National Parks unit with a few “oohs and ahhs”,  connect your iPad to a projector with the help of a VGA adapter.  As a group navigate through a few of the parks and model how the application is used.  With a shake of the iPad, a random park is chosen.  Lets begin our journey by visiting Arches National Park.  As a group students can click on the information button and be linked to Author Comments,  printing capabilities of photographs, basic encyclopedia information, and a link to the U.S. National Park Services site along with Fotopedia. Planning to visit or just need to do some research, click on the magnifying class and this will provide you additional sights of interest while exploring.  If you happen to see something that sparks your interest, click the star button and it will be saved to your “Favorites” folder for future viewing.  Want to map out your trip or just see where it is located within the United States, then be sure to click on the globe button that links you to a Google Earth feature.

Can’t get into the computer lab, but have access to either iPads or iTouches, then have students work independently at their desks with the Fotopedia app.  With a note-taking sheet and WiFi connection, students will have everything that they could need in order to begin their research of one of the 58 National Parks.  Students can feel as though they are taking a virtual trip to those places that they are being asked to explore and then share with the group through some performance assessment.

The offer that Fotopedia is currently providing is definitely not one that any educator, travel guru or photographer wants to miss out on. Applicable2U thinks this is a MUST HAVE app and looks forward to downloading additional apps by them.   If you would like to read more about Fotopedia National Parks then you will want to visit Fotonauts, Inc’s website here.   The United States has a number of beautiful landmarks, lets celebrate them by connecting to your iTunes library here for more apps by Fotonauts.

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